Mark Smith is a Computer Support Engineer who works with small to medium businesses to give people peace of mind with their IT infrastructure. 
Mark understands that an uninterrupted IT infrastructure is crucial to the smooth operation of any business. With this in mind, Mark makes it his priority to customise solutions to your needs and capacity, balancing reliability, capability and cost to your unique situation. 
Mark was part of an operation run by BT to run broadband in to Malta and ran the support desk for Lambert Smith Hampton off Oxford Street. 
If Mark was a superhero, his special power would be his problem solving intellect. 
Mark has been working as a computer support engineer since 1994. He has multiple qualifications and certifications including being a Microsoft Partner so many in fact that it would be counter-intuitive to list them all here and keep them up-to-date as it is a fast moving and continually evolving industry. One in which Mark keeps himself up to date with all the developments. 
You can contact Mark on 01536 747474 and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter
For help and advice simply call us on 01536 747474 or email 
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