IT and Telecommunications Services

IT and Telecoms Services in Northamptonshire area, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Kettering, Wellingborough.

Managed IT Services

Whether you need on site support on a regular basis or remote assistance to get you through the occasional tight spot our tailored Managed IT service is for you. Don't let yourself get backed in to a corner by your technology.


Telephone Systems

VoIP or PABX phones, We won't sell you an over-priced, antiquated system because we get the best kick-backs. We will provide you with the solution best suited to your needs, full-stop. Or maintain / repair your existing system at incredibly reasonable rates.


Network & Cabling Services

With decades of experience building, maintaining and repairing networks you'll be transferring data and communicating efficiently in no time. Whether you are in a small office or transferring data over long distances between many destinations we have you covered.


PC Repairs

Your computer hardware and software will fail, it is only a matter of time. Minimise downtime with our fast, reliable and cost effective PC repair service and get yourself back up and running better than ever. Safe in the knowledge that your hardware is in good hands.


Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

If the worst comes to the worst: stop. Don't panic. Leave your computers as they are and give us a ring, 9/10 we can get you back to where you were, whatever you do may make that harder. We recommend using offsite, cloud based backup facilities but we do also cater to those who prefer onsite also.

Webfiltering & Firewall Solutions

Hardware based security solutions. Ensure the safety of your information through carefully selected firewall hardware, purposely chosen to fit your situation and budget.


No anti-virus solution is right for everyone, that is why we delicately asses your set up and select the right anti-virus software for you. All the software we use has a proven track record of protection with swift updates tackling viruses as soon as they are detected.

Cloud Spam Protection

The great thing about our proven and highly effective cloud based spam protection is that you never know it is doing what it does, your email passes through our incredibly effective filters before going anywhere near your inbox. It works so well, it is only when our customers ask for it to be removed that they know how good it is (They always ask for it back - shortly after).

Cloud IT Solutions

As part of our Cloud IT services we offer Microsoft Office 365. As a Microsoft partner we have full access to the width and breadth of plans that the general public doesn't. That is why we can offer a better mix and match of plans for your business giving staff what they need to do their job without costing the business any more than it needs to spend.

Re-Conditioned Equipment

With our contacts in the industry we are able to provide state of the art re-conditioned computer equipment at unbelievable prices. Need a new laptop? why spend your hard earned money at Currys PC World, when you can spend the same money to get so much more with a nearly new, barely used and checked over laptop with 3 months warranty?

Online Backup

Our cloud based online backup solution is head and shoulders above the rest. We offer unlimited storage at a fraction of the cost of other solutions that are offering limited space, to top it all off we have no file limits like other well-known cloud storage solutions. For example if your business has less than 5 staff members, we provide unlimited space for £10 a year! We challenge you to find a better deal...

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