Telephone Systems

Telephony Solutions

For a reliable professional business phone system, set up the right way, the first time, you have found the right place. At AM Networking Solutions we offer brand new systems, upgrade existing systems and troubleshooting existing business telephone solutions, VOIP Telephone Systems (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and cloud based telephone systems.

We can supply a vast range of telephony solutions ranging from; entry level Plug & Play PABX phones for small businesses, standard Plug & Play PABX systems work with an existing standard BT line. Cloud based systems require an internet connection.

We are passionate about providing solutions that can grow as your business does. We always want to offer the most flexible solution to our clients, whether you go the PABX route or cloud based. Speak to one of our telephony experts today to learn about VoIP solutions we can offer and their amazing advantages, such as crystal clear clarity of voice and expandability.

Multi-line phone systems are a must for any small but growing business. The cost of a new customer is always rising, you do not want any first-time enquiries falling into your competitor’s hands because your line was busy. Make sure your company has the multi-line telephone system it needs to grow. Speak to us today.

We work closely with some of the biggest names in the industry to provide the most feature rich and competitively priced packages out there today. We leverage our business relationships to bring you the ideal telephone solution at the best price.

The versatility of the systems we offer means our solution will also be able to cope with your growth in the future. As your needs expand we will be able to provide the feature set to accommodate the way you operate.

Perhaps you require fluid connectivity between your business sites. We have an array of easy to maintain, cost effective solutions we would love to discuss with you. If it is a seamless elegant communications system you require, speak to AM Network Solutions today so we can learn how to best help your business. And if you are worried about supporting your legacy telephone system, whether its IP or PABX, our experience in the many installations we have covered and our cutting edge industry knowledge has got you covered.

2025 - ISDN Switch Off

Don’t get caught out by the ISDN switch off. AM Network Solutions can provide you with advice under no obligation on making the switch to new technologies and can recommend different VoIP business telephone systems depending on your current usage.

System Savings

You may even find you save money. Many of our customers are glad they found us, but often wished they had got us involved earlier. Remember, before renewing any existing contract its always worth having a chat and seeing what is on offer in an industry that moves as fast as telecommunications. At AM Networking Solutions we were offering systems six months ago that some of our competitors are just discovering today. If you want the low down on new technologies, drop us a line & let us put you in the picture.

Some telephone companies have you leafing through lengthy guides and answering automated surveys filled with irrelevant questions. Our communications systems advisers know that your time is important. Pick up the phone to get immediate, zero-obligation advice on your ideal telephone system. But contact us now, while you are thinking about your business communications before it gets lost in the shuffle of life.

While we have designed and implemented installations for enormous, multi-site companies and worked in some highly protected and specialised environments, we are also specialists in the needs of small businesses on which we have built our reputation, as communications system experts that care about the needs of your company.

Our solutions are always tailored to fit what you actually want. We have avoided strategic partnerships with large companies that want us to exclusively offer one specific system as we believe the needs of our clients come first. And we want the impartial flexibility to always offer the best solution. When it comes to advising on systems, configurations and hardware, we will always provide true advice, even if it costs us money in the short term. Our investment is in long standing relationships with the businesses we serve.

The First Time

As with any serious company investment, it is imperative that you make the right choice first time on the system that is right for you. As specialists in this field we have seen some businesses follow bad advice only to find themselves at a technological dead end later down the road. We would not have been trading for the years we have and have grown the satisfied customer base we pride ourselves on if we were not obsessively fanatical about suggesting the right product to our customers based on their needs and expectations.

And when it comes to ongoing support we believe you will be pleasantly surprised at the competitive service agreements we offer, with fantastic SLAs and the flexibility to meet all your business requirements. We take maintenance on your business telephone system seriously. Even if we didn’t install the system, we are often able to take on the service contract, usually under better rates, experience and always with greater passion for customer satisfaction.

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