Network and Cabling Services

23 Years Of Solutions

AM has been providing Network Cabling Solutions for 23 years now. With satisfied clients across almost every industry. We have also completed a vast amount of network cabling projects in the public sector, where reliability and cost are of paramount importance.

Whether it is just putting in an additional port or two in a small office, or installing an entire cabling infrastructure from the ground up, our complete services will see you end-to-end through the entire process;

  • Design
  • Configuration
  • Installation
  • Implementation
  • Testing

We have also come on board with larger companies, overseeing the installation and testing the layout of business critical data networks and voice networks. Whatever the topology or demand of your network we will always be able to recommend the best solution for your business.

Network Solutions

We have laid down a variety of network solutions and are experienced at using virtually every type of physical data cable; Category 5 enhanced and Category 6, 6a & 7, Fibre-Optics and some more specific exotic types when the application demanded it. It is important to use cabling technicians that are proficient with the physical cable type itself, bend tolerances, operating temperatures, etc. It sounds silly to think of an entire business network crashing down because of a bent cable or an overheated network switch, but without the proper precautions, we have seen it happen. Over the years we have seen our fair share of cowboy installations and we have been the ones to fix it. Get it done right first time with AM Networking Solutions.

All our installations come with complete peace of mind, as they are carried out by highly trained personnel. We are specialists in network cabling. This is what we do and we are passionate about delivering a flawless service that provides businesses with a rock solid infrastructure on which they need to operate.

As if that weren’t enough, to further mitigate risk on your part, as a customer of ours you are also covered by the AM Network Solutions Cast Iron 1 Year Guarantee. So no matter what the needs are of your voice or data cabling you can rest assured that you're safe in our hands. Just ask our existing customers.


Let us ensure the smooth running of your next network cabling job. Through our project management process you will be kept in-the-loop at every stage. We are always happy to explain any areas or details you may have concern over. At the core of our company ethos, we always want to exceed your expectations in terms of quality and service delivered, but should there be additional work needed for any reason, outside of our original quote, we will always speak to you first. We will not go ahead unless you are happy for us to do so.

The range of networking cabling services covered and the breadth of knowledge of our computer cabling specialists is substantial. We have been doing IT repair, telephone systems and data cabling since our business began. We pride ourselves on our wealth of knowledge, passion for excellence and the satisfaction of our clients. Speak to us today to see how we can help.

Uniquely Positioned

The fact that we are specialists in the areas of both IT repair and communication, gives us unique perspective and leaves us uniquely placed to be able to tackle projects that other companies would have to seek outside help on. As technology advances, we feel that it is our duty to keep abreast of all the emerging technologies and we have made it our mission to always provide our clients with the best solution, tailored for their application. Even if it is not a solution that we would make as much money on, we believe that developing long standing relationships with our clients is the key to the future of business.

We value technological simplicity wherever possible, battle tested reliable hardware, with a focus on cost economies. Whether it is networking within the building, outside network cabling or linking separate sites, wide area networks, improving connectivity, hardened security, telecoms or specific network cabling requirements like running unusually long cable lengths or dealing with vast amount of data throughput, AM Networking Solutions has the knowledge, experience and expertise to be able to complete your project, professionally, on time and on budget.

Understanding the importance of reliable and secure site-to-site connections, we have built our reputation on offering our services to businesses that demand the best. Whether your solution involves dedicated broadband across static IP addresses or shared broadband, we are the logical solution to design and set up your architecture & physical cabling solution.

All our networking solutions, be they hard-wired networks or wireless installations are fully audited and tested upon installation and subject to our guarantee. However, if you would like us to audit and test your existing network, this is also a service we offer. If you are experiencing slow page loads, connectivity black spots, dropouts or just general performance issues, do the smart thing and get us to take a look. Sometimes innocent glitches can be the prelude symptom to a larger issue on the horizon. Don’t wait for disaster to strike. It is also important to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities in your system. Don’t leave yourself open to attack or hardware failure. Contact us to get a health check today.

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