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About PC Repairs

The nightmare is that your PC lets you down. Imagine you are just at a critical point of completing a work project, or your home computer storing all the photos of your family and friends starts to behave unpredictably. Or worse, you restart your computer only to be greeted by nothing, a blue screen, black screen or possibly, heaven forbid, a virus message.

These days we live our lives on our devices and computers and its almost unthinkable to consider what it would mean if some of your precious data was suddenly gone. In this technological age, we are surrounded by various backup devices, reminders, cloud-storage and so on. But sometimes in the shuffle of life, computers don’t get backed up, disks aren’t copied and accidents will happen.

We here at AM Network Solutions are dedicated to the mission of helping people out of just such tight situations. Having been trading for over 3 years but with experience running IT solutions from 1994, we have recovered vast amounts of data for our clients, restored fully broken machines to their former glory and above all, we actually care. We understand how important your data is to you. We understand what it means to a business to be on downtime while your competitors pick up your lost sales. We understand what cherished memories can mean when photographs, videos & memories stored digitally are suddenly no longer accessible.

A Matter Of When

Unfortunately, the reality is that it is not a question of “if” but “when” your computer will let you down. The quality of all hard disks produced today is measured in “mean writes before fail”, a bit tech-sounding I know, but what it is describing is the average amount of times the disk can be used before it will fail. The key phrase to note here is WILL FAIL. Granted this is usually a very high number, but sooner or later all computer systems fail & someone has to recover the data and re-build the desktop computer or broken laptop.

Through our wealth of experience in this area we are the logical people for you to bring your faulty computer to. We have fixed broken computers in a variety of different situations; personal laptops, home computers and office desktops across all manner of industries. We have all the recovery knowledge and PC repairs tools needed to get you back up and running, fast and at the best cost.

A word of warning: while DIY PC repair may seem like a good option, we would offer caution here. There are usually many ways to repair a certain problem, but to stand the highest chance of totally restoring your system and successfully repairing your computer issues these methods should be run in a specific order.

For example, in the case of a failing disk, some of the recovery methods can yield destructive effects on the disk itself. We believe our relationship with you and excellence of service is of paramount importance. As such we will be happy to explain any of the issues and how we can resolve them with absolutely no obligation. If there are any additional costs that may be incurred we will let you know before we take any action. You will let us know if you still want to go ahead with the repair.

AM Networking Solutions prides ourselves on being an ethical and friendly business. Please do take the time to check out the words from our satisfied customers. And any work that we perform to fix your machine will only be charged if we resolve the issue described. And just to add a further level of satisfaction and remove risk on your part, any repairs we complete come with our standard repair guarantee of three months.

As a business operating from our technical lab at Moulton Park we are conveniently located to be able to provide quick and cost effective service when it comes to fixing your computer issues.

We have seen a wide range of reasons why computers break. Beyond efficiently and professionally fixing common computer issues, our expert technicians also diagnose hardware problems that are more involved like; computer technologies accessibility issues, network layer design issues in computer networks and removing computer viruses, to name but a few.

Is it always obvious that my computer needs fixing?

The simple answer is “no”. While it is true that some issues are sudden and unmistakable, like the infamous “blue screen of death”, there are many faults that can come on gradually over time. Luckily there is usually some warning signs that accompany such faults.

Why is my computer behaving so slowly?

Sometimes the answer is an innocent one, a quick and easy process, like the machine needing the memory flushing out.However sometimes, this can be an indication of a more sinister symptom. You are more than welcome to have us take a look at your computer system before your technical issue becomes a major computer problem. Recovering broken systems, just like treating any disease, is always easier, (and cheaper) the earlier the computer problem is spotted.

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